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Cate Jackson Photography

From the Bride:
Dennis and I met in 2009. It’s interesting how similar our backgrounds are and how many mutual friends and acquaintances we have had most of our lives. Although there were several other times in previous years when we could have met, we met at the perfect time. We began dating in March 2010, were engaged in February of 2011. He proposed at the same restaurant at the Delmar Loop (Ranoush) where we had our first ‘date’. He had come into town and we went to Ranoush with a group of friends who happened to be there again, a year later, to witness the proposal! For all the St. Louis people – he proposed the week that Lambert Field was closed for 2-3 days because of bad weather. Dennis ended up getting into town two days later than planned. That gave him 24 hours to get everything ready.

The Bible College where our wedding took place was where my parents first met. Our lives are centered around God and both have a love for mission work. We’ve both been blessed with wonderful families and friends who were a very important in our lives. It was so wonderful to include our family and friends in this celebration of our faith and beginning of our lives together.

Including our grandparents, who have all passed away, in our special day was important to us. There were several ways that we included them in the wedding. The candles on the altar table – were a memorial/dedication to them. Two of the broaches in my bouquet had belonged to my grandmothers. The pictures in the reception hall where all the couples from both sides of the family, going back a few generations on both sides.

There were a lot of sentimental touches throughout the day that made it so special to me. When I picked out Peter, Paul & Mary’s “There Is Love” for the processional, I had no idea it was the same song my parents had in their wedding. Ultimately, Dennis and I loved celebrating the beginning of our lives together centered around the most important things in our lives – God, family and friends. We wouldn’t have made it to that special day without them.

Ceremony / Reception Venue: Gateway College of Evangelism | Floral Designer: Off the Wall Florist; | Catering: Spice of Life Catering | Baker / Pie: Helfer’s Pastries & Deli Cafe | Rentals: Premier Party Rentals | Stationery: Brewers Print & Design | Wedding Gown / Veil: Chatfields Bridal Boutique | Taffy Favors: Mt. Rushmore Taffy Shop | Cufflinks: White Truffle Studio


  1. Naomi
    1:23 pm on March 22nd, 2012

    I love personal touches in weddings…and this one is filled with them. Seems to intimate and much more of a personal day when heartfelt and meaningful details are infused throughout.

  2. SOOOOO PRETTY! I LOVE the coffee and taffy details. So sweet.

  3. I LOVE her dress!

  4. Love the coffee favours!!

  5. These images are breathtaking. Just so classy and everything is so striking. If I was the bride, I’d be over the moon about how these pictures came out! Lovely! Kudos! And congratulations to the happy couple!