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Lola Elise

From the Bride:
Eli proposed on July 23, 2011. We have a tradition of going to the local park on Saturdays, after going to the library and getting frozen yogurt. Our routine started off the same, but when we got to the park, he was insistent that we sit under the trees, while I wanted to sit on a bench. I agreed but wanted the picnic blanket. Yet when I offered to get it from the car, he wouldn’t let me. I should have been suspicious, but I wasn’t. I just started reading and he went to go throw the yogurt container away. When he came back, he had a picnic basket with him. Upon opening it, I found a dozen roses and packages upon packages of popcorn (my favorite food). Then he pulled out a piece paper and read me a sonnet he had written. It ended with talking about being under a tree, and then he asked me to marry him. It was truly perfect for us.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Denver! I want to go there so bad! But I don’t know how to get there!!! 🙁 lol Where are all the Denver people? Or Colorado people? hiding! I love this story it is so romantic! LOVE IT! And the picture of the bride with the plant on her head made me crack up!

  2. Beautiful photos and adorable couple! Very sweet!

  3. Thank you for featuring this amazing and loving couple!

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