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Keep it simple. Not just a mantra for living life, but when planning your wedding.

It’s always refreshing when a couple does not overthink their wedding plans. The simplicity helps the pieces fall into place and shifts the focus on the “m” word (you know, marriage).

Libby and Dave planned their wedding in five months and enlisted the help from friends and family. The details are sweet, simple and beautiful.

deBruyn Photography

From the Bride:
Dave and I had to plan our Wisconsin winter wedding from our new home of South Dakota, with everyone else involved spread out among the Midwest. We had five months to plan and an impossibly tiny budget, but things seemed promising right from the start.

First of all, I got the privilege of wearing my mother’s 1983 wedding gown, beautifully restored and altered by a benevolent and talented friend. She removed the sleeves and took in the waist, and another friend did wonders with an embosser removing some gnarly yellow beading to reveal gorgeous Alencon lace. It was perfect.

We were able to use a sweet little church in Wilson, WI as our ceremony and reception venue for free! Dave’s father Curt performed the ceremony, and we had friends and family who all helped things run smoothly, baked our cake, and even catered!

Using friends and family in place of vendors, we were just under budget, but we still needed to decorate. My friend Alissa invited me to pinterest, and from there DIY ideas took off. Alissa became my wedding consultant and sounding board. She coordinated, decorated, took candid photos, made my invitations from old book pages–with help from my designer friend Rob–, did my flowers, and helped me accomplish all the little DIY gems we found together on pinterest. I’d say she was the most valuable asset I had as a bride with a budget.

Our friend Tom DeBruyn offered his services as our photographer, and he exceeded our expectations. We are so thrilled with these shots–especially how well they capture the joy of the day, the humor, our personalities, and our strong ties to family.

He captured what was important to us about the day, like the music! That was definitely a dream come true for us. We were able to get a classical guitarist, who did a guitar version of my favorite song, Coldplay’s “Yellow,” for when I walked down the aisle. Some friends of David’s, a jazz trio from Minneapolis, performed during the dinner reception. David, a jazz musician himself, played along on the upright bass for a few songs, which I think was his favorite part of the reception.

Everything about our day was amazing. Even the weather. I prayed for snow, but wondered if we would actually get any—which is strange for December in the Midwest. Then on my wedding day, right when the ceremony began, we had the most gorgeous, sumptuous snow of the season. You can’t plan that.


  1. Keep it simple and focus on the “m” word. I’m 100% with you on that one, Brit. 🙂 I love seeing all the ways couples pull a wedding together and add their own personal touches, especially when it’s done with limited time and resources and includes the help of family and friends. And seriously, how cool is it that the bride wore her mother’s gown from the 80s?! It looks amazing!

  2. Kristine, I am 100% with both you and Brit. This wedding is everything of what it’s all about. Check out my thoughts on it on my latest post!

  3. Cara
    11:18 am on March 5th, 2012

    Lovely wedding, photos are wonderful,they certainly captured the feel and fun of the wedding. very artistic too. How blessed you are to have such loving friends and family. Congratulations

  4. Dig the shots, Tom! Beautiful editorial-style coverage.