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My advice to any couple planning their engagement session? Stick to your personalities. No sense in having a picnic in a field if you don’t like to be outside. Don’t go to a winery if you don’t like wine. If you love books? Head to a local, independent bookstore. Visit your childhood home.

Stay true to who you are and your authenticity and love will shine in your photos.

Jaclyn Simpson Photography

From the Photographer:
Caroline and Brian decided they wanted to incorporate their love for literature by shooting part of their session at a bookstore. Bookman’s Alley in Evanston was gracious enough to let us use their establishment for a few photos. I am always up for new and creative places to shoot. I had never been to Bookman’s before, but immediately fell in love with the eclectic decor and the stacks upon stacks of vintage books! Since Caroline and Brian live out of town, we ended up doing their session just a few days before their wedding. We decided to check out the wedding day venue (Caroline’s childhood home) and take a few photos there as well. On the way we happened upon an amazing field full of giant, vibrant yellow sunflowers. So, we took advantage of the few moments of perfect weather just before the sky opened up and let loose it’s fury of rain.


  1. I love your advice. It’s beautiful. I love the green woodsy shots at the end too. That’s beautiful too!

  2. So excited to have Caroline & Brian featured on your blog! They were really amazing to work with and adorable!

  3. Mar
    12:37 pm on March 2nd, 2012

    Love these and love the sunflower field! very cool

  4. These are gorgeous! I especially love those moody ones at the beginning.

  5. aww I absolutely love the sunflower shots!! So colourful and gorgeous!