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Because I have a huge heart for friends, I had to share Sara and Mike’s session today, too.  I also met Sara in college, and we were both Delta Gammas.  Not too long ago, she too got engaged to Mike and kicked off her planning.  They hired Amanda of Dreaming Tree Photography to capture their engagement photos.  And, they do not disappoint.  There is just something about the sunlight in the Fall.  Plus, Sara and Mike decided to head off to Bee Tree Park, where Mike proposed to snap a few of their engagement photos.

The best part about this post and Erica and Tony’s from earlier is the fact that Sara and Erica are dear friends.  Delta Gammas.  College friends. Who happen to be getting married about three weeks apart.  And, are in each others’ weddings.

Dreaming Tree Photography

Wishing all four of you nothing but love and happiness.

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  1. Sara
    12:35 pm on December 2nd, 2011

    YAY! Thanks Brit! 🙂