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I love an engagement session with a story.

Robyn + Mick decided on Clinton Lake’s dog park and Liberty Hall on Mass Street for their locations. She’s a University of Kansas grad; he’s a KU student. They have both worked at Liberty Hall at some point over the course of the past several years. Plus, they both grew up in Lawrence as Jayhawks, with her dad being a faculty member. And, how can you not love their dogs, one of which is their “Best Dog” in their wedding (Gus, their Great Dane).

One Tree Photo+Cinema

More people should get married on New Year’s Eve. It’s such a great way to host a party, not to mention it’d be a fun way to celebrate your anniversary each year.

Andrew and Heidi knew they wanted a New Year’s Eve wedding. Why? Well, they got engaged on that same day the year prior, so why not follow tradition and tie the knot on the eve of a new year. This wedding had beautiful DIY details thanks to some wonderful Etsy vendors, it had the chill of the winter air, and an incredible amount of love and heart – the most important aspect of any marriage.

As we prepare ourselves for another new year (in just two short days), take the time to remember your loved ones and reflect on the important things in life. Happy New Year!

rad Photographer

From the Groom:
There are certain events in your life that you look forward to, or obsess about for a long time. They might be graduating from high school, finding your first job. Most of those moments are not nearly as big or as important as you build them up to be, they are simply moments in life that come and go. But, there are a few times that turn out to be so much more than you could ever imagine that you are at a loss for words. Your wedding day is definitely one of those. You may think you have a good idea of what to expect, or think you are prepared for the emotions you will experience, but you never know how you are going to truly feel until the time comes.

Having proposed exactly one year prior to our wedding day, I had plenty of time to think about all of the different details of the day: what I would say to my bride when I first saw her in her gown, how I would prevent the tears from flowing in front of all of my friends, how I would try to savor the day and live in the moment. Unfortunately, I believe I failed on almost all of those accounts – not from lack of preparation, but from the great emotions one experiences. For example, due to logistics, we ended up having a “first look” captured prior to the actual wedding. I was adamant against this during the planning of the wedding, as I wanted to stay traditional and not see my bride until she came down the aisle, however it worked out for the best. For one, there was no way I could hold back the tears. My first thought when I saw my bride that morning was “Holy sh*t, she looks freakin’ amazing!” Unfortunately, I think the words that came out were something like: “uhh, I like you…uhh, err…dress..” Not that eloquent, however I think the look on my face (and the look on hers) were all that needed to be spoken.

I knew this day would be emotional for everyone, however with Heidi’s father having passed away years before, I knew those emotions would be amplified for all. All little girls grow up picturing their father walking them down the aisle. For Heidi, a different path was set forth. With this on my mind, I thought that before the day got started, I should go visit Mr. Schmid’s grave to pay my respects. He is a man that I have never met, but his impact on my life is one that I will always have via the amazing job he did at raising his beautiful daughter, soon to be my wife. I thought visiting his grave in the morning would be a proper thing to do on my wedding day. It was important to me and will be something that I never forget.

Once things got started with the wedding day, everything seemed to pass by incredibly fast. First it was pictures, then it was getting to the church, next thing you know it was time for the reception. It all seemed to happen in double time, but I knew I needed to savor as much as I could. The one piece of advice I always seemed to get was: to make sure that at some point throughout the day, sit back and soak in the fact that every single person in that room is there for you and your wife. And that, most likely, this will be the last time all of those people will be together. I tried my best to make sure that I said hi to as many people as I could, but also took some time by myself to take in the evening. Just looking out, seeing everyone there all of the other things in life seem so insignificant. The true meaning to life and happiness was all rolled up into one perfect evening. The rest of my life was starting that night, and I had found the most perfect companion to share along in my journey.

Overall, our wedding went off without a hitch. Heidi had taken care of all of the details, and everything was spectacular: there was beautiful music at the ceremony; the priest gave a memorable homily; the speeches before dinner were thoughtful and well-delivered; the food was awesome; and everyone danced all night. At midnight we all celebrated the New Year like it was the last night of our lives, only in my case it signified the beginning of the rest of my life.

Ceremony Venue: St. Helen Church | Reception Venue: Club at Hillbrook | Photographer: rad Photographer | Florist: Burton Floral | Bakery: West Side Bakery | Wedding Gown: Monique Lhuillier via PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com | Shoes: Badgley Mischka – http://www.badgleymischka.com/ | Bridesmaid Dresses: Priscilla of Boston via Bella Bridesmaid | Stationery / Calligraphy: Little Miss Press | Cake Topper: Dandelionland | Hairpiece: Lo Boheme | Wedding Hankies: Embroidery by Linda | Bridesmaids Clutches: AO3 Designs | Love Banner: Funkyshique | Save the Dates: Shadowboxer Inc.

The perfect palette for the New Year. A little sparkle and a little bling.

row 1: Monique Lhullier; Brides.com; Martha Stewart Weddings; BHLDN
row 2: Blink of an Eye Photography via Weddingbee; Elie Saab
row 3: BHLDN; Emily Steffen via Style Me Pretty; Rue via The Collection

I hope you add a little sparkle to your New Year!

Kristin Byrum Photography via The Long and Short of It

This wedding put a smile on my face the second cialis canadian pharmacy I watched the video. The joy, the laughter, the smiles and love, it’s all so obvious. Plus that ferris wheel ride is always fun (I know from experience).

Stephanie + Matt {Ferris Wheels SDE} from Jimmy Wilderman on Vimeo.

What’s better than spending your engagement session at a Christmas tree farm? These two adorable high school sweethearts will be tying the knot next year, and chose to hang out with that wonderful pine tree smell since Scott proposed in December.

Lets just hope if they cut down a tree they remembered to bring a saw (Christmas Vacation anyone?).

Fenwick Photography

Today’s anniversary session is perfect given Christmas is just two days away. A perfect little way to celebrate marriage – with a little snow and snuggling.

Sara Hasstedt

Winter is the season for icy colors and soft palettes. But, it’s also the perfect time to introduce hints of color, whether romantic hues or bold colors.

Bouquets are often filled with white flowers (roses, peonies, anemones) with natural elements (succulents, astilbe, baby’s breath, lamb’s ear, tallow berries).

And, sometimes, they feature those bold colors, like red roses, ranunculas, calla lilies, hypericum berries and chrysanthemums.

When picking flowers for your winter bouquet, be sure to work with your florist to find flowers that are in season.  This guarantees a fresher product at a relatively decent price. Use colors that best fit with your overall look and feel. And, don’t be afraid to use rich colors like reds and plums.

row 1: Scott Andrew Studio via Style Me Pretty; Amanda Eaton Photography; Melissa Hayes Photography via Style Me Pretty
row 2: Martha Stewart Weddings; Rountree Flowers via Ritzy Bee
row 3: Nadia D. Photography via Project Wedding
row 4: Jasmine Star via Style Me Pretty; Martha Stewart Weddings; Amanda Eaton Photography
row 4: Carly Mitchell Photography

Kelli Hunt Environments
Fort Collins, Colorado

Over the last year, event rental companies have been making a name for themselves by finding unique items to add to their inventory. As someone who has been in the industry, Kelli saw a void in the Northern Rocky Mountain region to provide couples with those specialty pieces for their big day. Combined with her photography eye and down to earth personality, she works to bring new life to furniture and accessories, perfect for any party or event.

I admire anyone who takes on a business like this. It becomes a hobby and labor of love to find fun pieces to add to your collection. Lets just say I’m glad we live in a condo in the city, or I’d be off at the flea markets and antique shops hunting for fun items of my own.

Where are you located and do you travel for weddings?
Fort Collins, CO. Yes, I will travel pretty much anywhere for weddings.

What is your biggest inspiration when collaborating with couples to style their wedding?
I get inspiration everywhere. People, nature, design, architecture, and of course pinterest to name a few. But I mostly feel inspired by a coupleʼs personalities, their story, and overall vision for their wedding. Iʼm inspired when people dream big, because it makes me dream even bigger.

What got you interested in event rentals? Did you start in weddings?
Iʼm a photographer as well, so when I photograph weddings, I find myself naturally styling and pulling in objects to make photographs unique. Since Iʼm at a wedding pretty much every weekend, I realized how much potential a wedding or event could have if unique pieces were used in replace of traditional or predictable wedding decor. Iʼve been a long-time lover of unique found and made vintage pieces, so the idea of rentals naturally developed. I started in weddings and have expanded to events, retail spaces and commissioned projects.

What do you think sets you apart from other vendors in the industry?
Because Iʼm a wedding photographer, I have to know what looks good in a photograph as well as to the natural eye. Combining my background knowledge of design, light, color and overall style, I can see where to place pieces in order to have a pleasing aesthetic. Simply put, Iʼm passionate about style, creativity and seeing a vision come to life.

Where do you search for your inventory?
My typical searches include Craigʼs list, Goodwill, antique stores, garage sales, and random people that know I love collecting pieces. Itʼs addicting. I canʼt go anywhere without stopping because I see something unique that would fit perfectly with my inventory, even if I have to give it a little love.

What is one quirky thing about you that people don’t know?
I accidentally swallow my gum within the first 5 minutes of chewing it. I donʼt know why, but it never fails. Then I put in another piece and swallow it again :).

When you’re not busy with weddings, how do you like to spend your downtime?
I love to be outside in nature, hiking, running, etc. Iʼm a lover of coffee, adventure and vegan food. But mostly I find myself always creating. I am an artist, so even though photography and vintage rentals are what I do for a living, itʼs not unusual for me to be painting, reupholstering, or coming up with another new idea.

The perfect pair of holiday peep-toes! And, those adorable white and pink Nike’s? They were the bride’s when she was a little girl. Couldn’t help by think they were adorable!

Reflections by June