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Today’s inspiration board is a bit personal.  It is the one I created when planning my own wedding more than two years ago.  When I started the entire planning process, I knew I wanted bold punches of color.  And, considering the fact that my husband and I love red, it was a given that our palette had to be surrounded by it.

The beauty of this palette is that (for the most part) it is pretty versatile.  You can adjust the level of each color’s use throughout your decor to make it fit.  Chocolate was the more subdued color for us – used as an accent here and there.  Red was the star, with hints of orange to balance it out.  And, the white was used to make everything pop – a true foundation color.

row 1: Blogger Brides; Ladybird Poppy; J.Crew
row 2: Martha Stewart; Luminous Designs; Martha Stewart; The Wedding Decorator
row 3: Demetrios; Megan Thiele Photography; GQ

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  1. nice color scheme! and I love that you’re digging up old pics of mine – nice surprise 🙂