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When Lori of I Do Films first shared this video, I got quite excited.  This wedding has so many wonderful elements (including environmentally friendly ones), but the most important obviously being the love between Eli and David.  But, after watching it a second, and then a third time, I just loved the life at this wedding. It leaves you with a smile on your face and full heart.


  1. Before I even saw the yamikas, I just though what strongly Jewish looking couple this was- and so beautiful! I’m so osurprised this was a landlocked wedding0 it looks so East coast! I love the dancing at the beginning it’s beautiful! The couple are an amazing fir for each other!

    I’m wondering about the environmental elements though? I’m in the dark, I just saw the urban space, so when you mentioned that I was thinking it was going to be a big outdoor wedding. The only thing I saw was maybe the paper flowers at the end. Is that what you were talking about? I had to really think HARD to figure out what you were referencing, I’m still not sure! Could you elaborate?

    I still think my favorite part is all of the dancing, the opening sequence, and then the running into the group dancing it just amazingly captured. I also love how you can see the photographers working too. We are part of your day, I love seeing them in there! The couple giggling is so sweet too, it looks like the groom is a silly heart, I love that!

  2. HOLY COW that is alot of typos. It looks like my shift key is disabled or something! My dashes and parentheses didn’t show up! I swear, I didn’t type it out that badly! LOL

  3. What a fabulous video! I loved watching them dance!