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Sometimes with weddings we can all get a little wrapped up in the details. Maybe a little too much. But, then you come across a couple who bring you back down to Earth and remind you of the purpose of a wedding. And, Scott and Teagan did just that. Teagan and Scott’s though process behind planning their wedding is one thing I really try to instill in every couple I work with. Choose the details that are most important to you.  The others will work themselves out.

Selah Photography

From the Bride:
Scott and I are not the detail-oriented, party-planning type – while planning our wedding, we wanted to avoid as much meaningless fluff as we could. There’s a certain amount of pressure to form a wedding a certain way just because “that’s what people do,” but we started asking ourselves (and our mothers) “Why?” in regards to some aspects of wedding plans. If we couldn’t come up with a relevant answer, something more than a “just because that’s what you do,” then we would just get rid of the piece in question, or change it so we could give a more meaningful answer to that piece’s part in our day.

There were times when this philosophy took the form of practical decisions. For example, when it came time to decide what the groomsmen should wear we asked why? to the idea that they had to rent suits or tuxes so they could all match. The bridesmaids had already picked out different styles of dresses. It simply wasn’t the style of everything else we’d planned already. So we rented matching ties that were the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses so they could all look like family, not because we needed them to be identical to one another. It was the little decisions like this throughout preparation that ended up setting the mood for the whole day – elegance and a sense of calm collectedness instead of a frantic need to control every detail.

I could ramble on and on about all of the precious moments of relief that sprung up unexpectedly from family and friends at every turn, or how little pieces seemed to fall into our laps right when we were almost at the brink of frustration or despair. What really got us through, though, was determining early on what was of importance and finding ways to keep those things our priorities.


The most cherished piece of advice I heard in the days before our wedding came from one of Scott’s long-time family friends. She sent me a Facebook message that only had eight words in it, but those eight words kept repeating through my head; “Worry about nothing and take joy in everything.” And so I did, I made a purposeful effort to find joy in every tiny piece of the process. Whenever I was tempted to be annoyed at something not going according to plan, I had a whole arsenal of little joys to throw right in the face of frustration, reminding me that the day was about love. Take joy in everything.”

Photographer: Selah Photography | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Rococo Theater | Cake/Desserts: Russ’ Market | Caterer: | Cinematography: A+ Media and Nightlife | DJ: A+ media and Nightlife | Dress Designer: David’s Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Savvi Formalwear | Jewelry / Accessories: Lili Swan, Etsy


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