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Not every wedding warrants matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses. So, how do you get your girls to match without actually matching?

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1. Give your girls some guidelines. Whether its length, color, style. With a few rules in mind, they can go on the hunt for a dress that matches their style, but fits with your rules.

2. Give the girls a list of specific styles to pick from. Shops like Bella Bridesmaid, J.Crew, and David’s Bridal make this easy!

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3. Ask to see the dresses before they purchase (or make sure they are returnable if the girls end up purchasing). This will give you the opportunity to preview all of the dresses and give them the okay.

4. And, lastly – don’t feel like you have to have your girls match (or not match).  Go with your gut, and pick an option that works best with the overall look and feel of your wedding.


  1. LOVE this! I think mixing colors and dress styles is so fabulous AND allows you the freedom to let your ladies feel beautiful in whichever dress they choose. love love love

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  3. i had my girls match because that’s what felt right for my wedding – but i totally love the look of unmatchy.

  4. I’m all over this look!! So many ways to make it your own, I only wish I’d done it myself!

  5. I love this look…. but I always wonder… what happens if all the girls pick the same one and you wanted them to be mismatched? Or maybe most of them do and one or two girls don’t so they look weird and left out? Complicated.

  6. I love this look! It’s great to see how each bridesmaid can let her own style show and not be stuck with an unflattering or uncomfortable dress when the wedding is done. I especially love when they’re all in different jewel tones – such a great look!

  7. I love, love this post! It’s inspiring and so pretty! Nice work!

  8. I didn’t care if my girls picked matching dresses or not. I decided they were all adults and they should pick whatever they wanted. We ended up shopping together one Saturday and they all picked the EXACT SAME DRESS, Go figure.