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We’re Aleah + Nick Valley of Valley & Co. and we’re so excited to partner with some of our most favorite blogosphere friends for this Blog Around the World: Elegant Decay post! Today you’re invited to a worldwide scavenger hunt on these awesome blogs where you’ll find snippets of our Elegant Decay photo shoot, designed to show off the after effects of a celebration: fun! We all spend so long putting together amazing designs and table scapes for our couples, and this shows off the end result {and the most important element}: enjoyment. We hope you enjoy this – thank you to all of our friends for participating and be sure to visit these other fabulous blogs for more photos, ideas, tips, and fun!

So, it’s the big day, right? You’ve spent nearly a year (or more) planning for this wedding. Before you go all bridezilla, take a second to think about why you’re getting married. Not the what, or the things. Sure, the flowers are important, and the cake and food should taste wonderful. But, at the end of the day, it’s about you. You and your significant other. And the friends and family who are helping you celebrate.

It’s okay if the flowers aren’t perfect, if a little wine or amaretto sour makes its way onto the perfectly pressed ivory pintuck linen. It’s okay if they spell your name incorrectly on the venue sign, or the DJ mispronounces your name.  You’re married. Remember that. Spend the day soaking that up, smiling, laughing and being in love.

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Credits: Design + styling and JOY cards: Aleah + Nick Valley of Valley & Co. | Photography: Jeremy Leffel | Floral design: Anne Bradfield of Floressence | Crystal and marble decorative candle accents: vintage pieces from Nick’s mom | Venue, dessert, and drinks: Palace Ballroom by Tom Douglas | Linens: Choice Linens | Chairs, silverware, and china: AA Party Rentals

Be sure to continue following along with today’s Elegant Decay photo hunt by visiting the other wonderful blogs on the list.  Be sure to check out Nick and Aleah’s blog later today for a wrap up!


  1. Fantastic advice!

  2. This is excellent advice, Brit. And from a recent bride! Things happen and when the day is winding down, what’s most important is WHY you were all there celebrating!

  3. “You’re married. Remember that. Spend the day soaking that up, smiling, laughing and being in love.” – So wonderfully put, Brit! Excellent post!

  4. great advice coming from a recent bride!!

  5. Awesome tips, Brit! It’s so important to remember why you are celebrating and not sweat the small stuff!

  6. i know after reading this post (even after reading everything you’ve said about itand seeing the pictures) that you truly immersed yourself in love on your wedding day! xoxo

  7. Great advice! It is so easy to get caught up in all the stress of making sure everything is perfect all the while forgetting that you are there to celebrate your love and that alone is all the perfection you need!

  8. Love everything about this. Soak up every last minute! It goes by so fast.

  9. I absolutely love what you have written in your post.

  10. Who better to give us such good advice than the newly wed!!! Lovely!

  11. One great piece of advice I will keep remembering in 99 days! It is so true. It is about the people, about why you are here and not about little hiccups along the way!

  12. Fabulous advice Brit – so important to keep it all in perspective 🙂

  13. Agree 100% with what you wrote!!! Great point!