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I love when out of town photographers come to town to shoot local couples. It is always interesting to see their perspective on my hometown.  Kate Harrison recently made her way in town to shoot Angie & Corey’s engagement session, and their wedding.

Not only do I love the sunlight in these photos, but I truly love the last two. It captures the Midwest so truthfully.  It’s exactly what happens when a few thunderstorms roll in. And, it makes for a great photo op.

Photos courtesy of Kate Harrison Photography


  1. Love this shoot, truly is the Midwest!

  2. Now she is one gifted photog! Is that natural light used in the first shot? Amazing!!!

  3. WHY didn’t I have an engagement session? Ahhhhh. Those are fabulous!

  4. Those bottom two are amazing

  5. You know I love these! 🙂 Love the photographer – love the couple!!