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Not all brides dream of a long white gown – a white gown for that matter. But back to the long part.

When your wedding backdrop and “feel” just don’t equal having a long wedding gown. Don’t feel like you have to have one. Short dresses are just as fun, and sometimes sexier. And, who doesn’t love a sexy bride?

Photos courtesy of Katie Day Photo


  1. Loooooove.

  2. I’m kind of digging this trend – especially for a more casual wedding setting.

  3. I too am loving the short gown…especially for a beach wedding. Plus, it is a great way to keep cool if your big day is during the summer!

  4. I LOVE IT when gals rock the short gown. Perfection.

  5. A bit casual for my taste, these look like engagement pictures more than wedding pictures. But I do like a few short dresses I’ve seen.