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I love Zooey Deschanel. Love.

I also love 500 Days of Summer (and you should to – fantastic movie).

I mostly admire Zooey for two things: 1. Her hair. 2. Her style. So, for all reasons, I was excited when the girls over at Wedding Chicks shared that you, too, can have Zooey’s dress from 500 Days of Summer. And, in any color you’d like. All thanks to the fabulous Etsy seller Shauna’s World. It’d be a great shower dress, rehearsal dinner dress, or even wedding dress.

Image courtesy of fash eccentric

AND, if you’re a big She & Him fan, and in St. Louis at the end of August, you can catch her performing at LouFest.


  1. LOVE HER. She is my favorite.

  2. Who didn’t love that movie??! Loved that dress too!

  3. I lurve Zooey!! I have a total girl crush on her!! And that dress is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. love that movie so much. seriously. brilliant storytelling indeed, and Zooey is beyond fab in so many ways.

  5. I have a big fat lady crush on her and I’ll tell you exactly when that happened. Seeing Elf in the theater, when she is singing in the shower. Omg, fell in-love. I can listen to her sing the phone book and I’d be mesmerized. And I like that she’s a lady. Someone’s gotta be. Off to that Etsy store now….