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Seeing as I’m not a veil-person, I encourage brides to embrace the hair piece. You don’t have to be a bride by wearing a veil. Brides take on many different forms. So opt for a hair flower, or fascinator  – it’ll be okay (but know, that if you want to wear a veil, that’s perfectly fine and beautiful, too!).

Maybe you’re a headband gal?

Or a flower gal?

Images via Twigs & Honey

Either way (flower, headband, veil), it’ll be gorgeous. BUT be sure to find the one that fits your personality and your wedding day style. What is your hairpiece preference?


  1. I LOVE the hair flowers–so fun!

  2. That second one (the lace) is exquisite! Man! I am in love with it!

  3. These headpieces are romantic and gorgeous and totally unique. And I REALLY REALLY love that last one!

  4. I love those flower hairpieces!! So gorgeous!! Sadly, I forgot to put my orchid in my hair after taking the veil out post ceremony. Oops.