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Just in case you weren’t aware, Chelsea Clinton got married this weekend. And, as much as I know that these photos will be everywhere for the next week or so, I couldn’t not share them, but there is something so classic and beautiful and timeless about them. About her dress. And, the setting.

Images courtesy of AP/Getty Images via Huffington Post


  1. Don’t you just LOVE IT ALL?!! She looks amazing.

  2. I’m dying to see more pics of the huppa. That’s the only one they released, but I bet it looks GORGEOUS! (killing meeee!)

  3. I totally wouldn’t have pictured in a dress like this but she looks so great!

  4. Beautiful shots!!

  5. I can’t wait to see more images!!

  6. I peeked at the pics to see the dress (obvs), but my favorite part ended up being how happy & in love they look! The photos are suprisingly emotional for a “celeb” wedding, you know? *tears*

  7. WOW. Good for her! 🙂

  8. Such timeless class and I love how happy she looks. What a great wedding!