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It seems there’s quite a bit of angst out there in the wedding world hinging on what reasons we (as in all of us brides) want to get married.  And, instead of my typical “photo-heavy” posts, I’m taking the text route (sorry friends).

Why do you want to get married?

It’s a valid question. Is it about the dress? Is it about the perfect flowers? Or how about the best reception venue?

Are those the things that are important to you?

Don’t get me wrong, some girls have dreamt of their wedding day since the day of their birth, but was it really about all of the perfect details, or was it about the perfect guy (or gal!)? Is your world going to fall apart if the florist made your centerpieces from hydrangeas instead of dahlias. Or that the flower girl stuck her finger in your cake during cocktail hour?

In a hodge-podge wedding world of details, tradition, non-tradition, big parties, are you, in your heart of hearts really remembering why you are getting married in the first place?

Do me a favor while you “Oooo” and “Aaaahhh” over the pretty pictures you find on this blog, and others like it, remember why you’re getting married.  Trust me, I love the details, and still plan on having them at the wedding and pouring over them, but I know, each day why I said “Yes” to the pilot on top of that mountain. And, it makes me smile every. single. time.

So, why did you get married? What was it about your significant other that made marriage the word of the day?


  1. Melissa
    8:40 am on June 10th, 2010

    Why did I want to get married? Simply because my life would not be the same without my husband in it forever. He supports me in everything I do, makes me laugh, and makes me want to be a better person (albeit while driving me insane sometimes). Did I plan details for the day? Absolutely. I was planning a party. Did I care when my florist e-mailed me and said some of the flowers weren’t working due to the early heat? Not a bit. Did I care that my veil blew off while walking down the street before the reception? Nope. At the end of the day, all I cared about was that I was committing to my husband for the rest of my life- and that made the day perfect.

  2. My fiance and I talk about this all the time…it seems like a lot of our friends got married after 3 months together…blah blah…some of them are already divorced. You can’t judge how people’s relationships have gone, though…you can only prepare yourself the best you can.

    Isaiah and I are best friends, we’re each other’s favorite people to be around and we talk about everything. And though I live very much in 2010, the traditional and the faithful girl I am says there’s a reason marriage exists.

    To keep it honest, to provide structure for commitment, to share pieces of your life that are incomplete without marriage.

    I know a lot of women who went through the “i don’t need a man to have a baby” phase…but later, especially when their children grow up, they wish they had done things the more traditional route (as a general rule).

    I don’t stake anything in tradition, and God knows I’m an independent female, but marriage is giving pieces of yourself over to the other person, parts of your independence, your ability to hop off at this exit and find someone else.

    It’s supposed to be more beautiful than it’s been in recent years. I hope more people start taking it more seriously.

  3. Thank you for bringing this up. It’s so important to mention. The wedding industry is a powerful force and can hypnotize any woman into thinking I. Must. Have. That. It’s easy to forget that the wedding is a means to a marriage, and marriage is not always easy. It’s certainly not as easy/breezy/beautiful as wedding photos make it look! A wedding can be a wonderful gathering of family and friends—it’s definitely something to be excited about. But if the relationship between two people isn’t at the center of the celebration then the couple has missed the point. In any case, I think it’s great that a wedding blogger has dared to bring this up. It should be part of the wedding dialogue.

  4. Sara
    11:03 am on June 10th, 2010

    I think the real question here is, “Why are you having a wedding?”

    I’m getting married because I want to make a life-long commitment to my partner. I’m getting married because I want to bring our love to a new level.

    We’re having a wedding because we want to illustrate our commitment to each other in front of our nearest and dearest; we want to bring our favorite people together in one room to watch us vow to love each other until the end of time. It’s about being publicly honored and accepted.