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Every bride does not find the details important. Which is totes fine. If we were all into details, our lives would not be unique.

But, I digress.

To some of us the details definitely make a different. And, who cares if not everyone notices? Some people will. And, as long as you’re happy with the details, that’s all that matters.

Like, having the wedding party share the story of how you and your significant other met.

Or picking out little embellishments that matter to you.

And, decorating a venue to your exact liking.

Images courtesy of Lisa Hessel Photography

What details matter to you?

And, stay tuned in the future for more of the “it’s all in the details” posts.


  1. I love the details (looking forward to more posts) – and of course those little bluebirds slay me.

  2. Eden
    9:24 am on June 3rd, 2010

    I too love the details. The details that matter to me are the paper goods – from selection of the paper to the shape and binding. I added envelope liners to our invitation envelopes. I know most people won’t notice but a nicely packaged invitation was a detail that mattered to me.

  3. OMG! Those sandals!!! I die.

  4. I think details are very important and I really appreciate them as a guest. Hopefully someone will notice and appreciate the ones we are including.

    And I think I need to add a “how they met” section to the wedding program. Love.