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I love anything quirky, funny and lovey-dovey (i.e. videos like this one). Andy from Oceanwide Studios shared this one just yesterday (and I’m a sucker for wedding videos), so I’m passing along. Not only does a wedding video like this truly capture the character and personality of the couple, but it tells a beautiful story.

brad + jen from oceanwide on Vimeo.

Lets think outside the box for minute.

Yes, it’s summer. So, it may seem that tropical flowers seem a bit cliche? But not so much, you see. This is the Midwest – no beach or ocean in site.

Instead of roses, opt for something bold. And, make a statement with your bouquet. I know one Delta Gamma who did.

Images courtesy of Jodi Schlosser Photography

And, as follow-up to this morning’s postMaggie‘s very own wedding shoes! A gorgeous pair of red Valentino‘s. Le swoon!

Image courtesy of Beach Productions

I spent yesterday afternoon pawning over the perfect pair of shoes to share, when one of my favorite bloggers, Maggie (and former blogger bride) reminded me of the fantastic shoes from her wedding. How could I forget about these nautical beauties, worn by Maggie’s bridesmaids?!

Image courtesy of Beach Productions

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If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of fun to your gown and dyed crinoline is not your thing, why not purchase a gown with fun pattern underneath?

Image courtesy of Coutorture via Dog n’ Bird

Thanks to Dog n’ Bird for sharing this one 🙂

Yes, you read that correctly.  Apparently, the new trend in weddings is having the bride wear a diaper because “dresses are just too complicated.” Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Video courtesy of Fox 29 via Philly.com

Do me a HUGE favor and DO NOT wear a diaper on your wedding day. You’ll thank me later.

Image courtesy of Starry Eyed Studios

A big ‘ol thanks to two of my faves for sharing this fantastically fun and sun-drenched session. The couple is adorable! Swoon-worthy indeed.

Images courtesy of bobbi + mike


I cannot get over the size of these.  I first noticed them when Chicago photographer, Steve Koo shared these on his blog, and was reminded of their awesomeness when Ami at EAD Weddings shared the wedding. INSANE!

Images courtesy of Steve Koo Photography via EAD Weddings

One of the best elements of a wedding day, other than the obvious (the happy couple) is catching a glimpse of the bride’s gown.

Her gown says so much about her personality and her style. It’s no wonder more often than not, girls are staying true to their style.

Images courtesy of Hoffer Photography

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