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The second I saw this beauty on Dog ‘n Bird‘s site, I had to share. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I loved button candy as a kid. Yeah, sometimes the paper got stuck to the candy, but who cared? It was fun.  At least with this cake, you wouldn’t have to deal with the paper!

Image courtesy of Dog n’ Bird via postcards and pretties


  1. That’s awesome. Nom.

  2. So much fun! We love seeing out-of-the-box ideas! This is too cool 🙂

  3. I loved this so much!

  4. Sara
    2:47 pm on May 12th, 2010

    I love this cake!! I loved button candy as a kid too! What a cool concept!

  5. That is all kinds of awesome! I LOVE IT!

  6. Amanda
    11:37 am on May 14th, 2010

    That is an oh-so-fab cake!