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Who said you have to go to a park to get your engagement photos taken?

Why not go somewhere fun, somewhere different, or somewhere that means something to the both of you.

I originally found this shoot over on The Unbride, and the photographer had asked the couple what they like to do. Their response? “We don’t do much, all we do is eat and do laundry.” Have fun with it people!

Images courtesy of Christine Change Photography via The Unbride


  1. There is nothing I do not love about this shoot. I love the idea of NOT the park. They look so blissful and I adore his mismatched striped socks!

  2. This makes laundry look fun!! Love this shoot!

  3. Katie
    7:57 am on May 10th, 2010

    This is awesome! I love that they were honest in their response and it turned out to be a great shoot they’ll love for years!

  4. SO cool! So funny!! What a great way o start the week! Love it:)

  5. Oh, how creative and real! I think many couples can relate to this session. Great find!

  6. Thanks for posting these! 🙂