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Mr. A is from a semi-small town in Illinois. And, I was recently introduced to the fantastic photography of Kyle Shultz thanks to Meagan.

He recently shot a wedding where the bride and groom visited the State Fair Grounds. It’s too bad he couldn’t get the bride to go down the slides – now those would have been some photos!

Images courtesy of Kyle Shultz

P dot S How gorgeous is the bride?

Edited to add:

A big thanks to Meagan and the Pilot’s Mom for confirming that these photos were in fact taken at the State Fair Grounds!


  1. It’s actually at the State Fair Grounds, I think! : )

    If you knew Jen, you’d know the wedding details could not have been more perfect. She’s super chic … you woud have loved it! The bmaids wore white!

  2. Mom Stewart
    12:11 am on April 29th, 2010

    The Giant Slide is at the Illinois State Fairgrounds very near the main entrance. It only operates during the fair in August and maybe a special event or two. It does make a very interesting background for pictures, especially for this beautiful bride and groom.

  3. Love this shot! What a fun backdrop for a very stylish couple.