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I woke up the other morning to quite the flurry on Twitter. Granted, this news was shared a few days ago, but news has yet to really spread like wild flower.

You see, Vera Wang has recently made a new partnership announcement. No, none of her existing gowns, or current lines are going anywhere.  Vera will continue to design gorgeous, drool- (and swoon-) worthy gowns that we will continue to lust over.  However, she will be teaming up with David’s Bridal and releasing a new (and affordable) line of wedding gowns.

Starting in Spring 2011, David’s Bridal will begin selling Vera Wang designs that will be sold for under $1,500. Yes, you read that correctly.

Since designs are still in the works, no sketches or pictures of the line are available. BUT, Vera recently revealed her Fall 2010 line at Bridal Fashion Week in New York not too long ago. And, no post is a true post without gorgeous photos (of gowns, in this case).

Images courtesy of Fab Sugar


  1. I heard about this the other day. I’m sure they’ll be gorgeous. Way to be Vera!

  2. Loveliness all around. I hope the aesthetic doesn’t stray too far from its roots. But I’m wary! Pls Vera, stay cool.

  3. I’m really curious to see what her David dresses will look like. Her gowns are so amazing and couture, I don’t know how that’ll translate to inexpensive gowns. I’m not much a fan of her Kohl’s line, but love the high-end Lavender Label stuff at Neimans. Will this be a similar discrepancy? I’m excited to see what she does! Keep us posted!

  4. I cringe, because I wonder (worry) that this will dilute her name and brand image since D.B. is *so* mainstream and, well, cheap compared to the image she has worked so hard to build. I will be sending brides there next year to look for sure, but I can just see 2011 brides with a REAL Vera having to defend their $8,000 gown “No, I didn’t get this at David’s Bridal!!” These shabby-chic partnerships are getting ca-razy!

  5. I just caught up to this this weekend- frankly, I’m EXCITED. Vera has already had that line for Kohl’s for years, but folks still covet her couture. And I used to be a huge snob about DB until I actually walked in there and (to my complete shock) fell in love with a dress. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Will she sacrifice fabric for design or will she keep things simple? We shall see…