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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock. Spring is here.  So much so that here in St. Louis, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, with an abundance of sunshine.

Not only that, but Spring in St. Louis means the tulips are in bloom all over my alma mater’s campus.  Is it weird of me to say I wish college this time of the year?

Image courtesy of Beth Berry Photography


  1. This picture is so so gorgeous! I love tulips + I love purple!

  2. I totally miss college this time of year too, not necessarily my school but being able to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Being stuck in an office sucks.

    I loved seeing these pics too because I’m going to be a grad student there in the fall plus that is really where I wanted to go for undergrad as well. It’s a beautiful campus.

  3. Susan
    11:31 pm on April 15th, 2010

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be in college during this time of year. My campus had flowering trees that framed perfectly the frame of the English building. And I even get flowers all year round now!

  4. Our tulips are in full bloom in Michigan, and for goodness sakes, it seems quite early this year, however I’m not complaining! Great photo, Brit!

  5. Not weird at all!! I always think of college at this time of year too–went to IWU in Bloomington, IL and the flowering trees on campus were magical and SO fragrant!

    Also, I met with Lori from I Do films yesterday and we were talking about you! 🙂 Aren’t twitter friends great? 😉