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I love baseball. L-O-V-E it. I live in the town of the best fans in baseball (don’t argue with me, because you cannot convince me otherwise).  And, I also live in the town where El Hombre plays.  So, of course, I love that Tony Hoffer shot a recent engagement session at a baseball stadium.  By no means, is it MY baseball stadium (and by “MY” I mean my city’s baseball stadium). The couple was able to get into Citizen’s Bank Park (where the Phillies play) to get some pics. And, I have to give kudos to the Phillie’s because St. Louis’ own Ryan Howard plays for them.

At any rate – in honor of opening day at Busch Stadium in 7 days (i.e. not soon enough), here is one of my faves.  Check out the Hoffer Photography blog for more!

Image courtesy of Hoffer Photography


  1. The stadium, the nachos, the fans, the warm weather, the arch, and the home runs… there is nothing better than St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

  2. Laura
    12:20 pm on April 5th, 2010

    Opening Day pretty much is a full blown holiday here in St. Louis.

    What a creative place for an engagement photo shoot!

  3. I *heart* baseball too!

    Fun fact: we were at an event the other night at Minute Maid Park. The events girl started asking me about wedding planning and jokingly asked if I would be interested in doing my reception there (they do them pretty often). When I explained to her that my fiance is a Cardinals fan and that wouldn’t go over well, she said she understood. Later in the night we got started talking about different people who were jerks and she goes “As much as I hate to saw this, Pujols is one of the nicest guys in baseball.”

  4. Great shot!!

    @landlocked bride- Go Cardinals!