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So, it happens to be a little known fact that I’m not a fan of lace on wedding gowns. Let me clarify. I’m not loving on the lace gowns (for me). One of my really good friends got married a few weeks ago, and her gown was a gorgeous, lace Justin Alexander gown. She was radiant. But, if you put that gown on me, I would not be a happy bride.

I digress.

It’s Bridal Market Week in Chicago, in case your unaware.  Some of the top designers are showing their designs for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. And, I happen to fall in love with this beauty.

And, I happened to adore this one, too.

Images courtesy of Project Wedding

It may have to do with the fact that my gown is by Watters, but the silhouettes and chicness of these gowns have me swooning like crazy.

Just wait until Bridal Market Week in New York. Swooning will be way over the top.

Finding a photographer for our wedding was pretty easy. Granted, I did a TON of searching (not lying, ask the Pilot), but that’s mostly because photography was so important to the both of us.. I just loved too many people and wished I had the unlimited resources to hire them all. At the end of the day we made a fantastic decision with the photographer we chose (and coincidentally, she recently launched her new web site and blog earlier this week and am SO proud of her).

I know many of couples out there are typically at a loss of where to even begin or how to make a decision on the photographer.  And, lets be honest, not all of us want the same thing with regards to budget and style. *Angel Chimes* Enter: SnapKnot.

So, what’s this site about?
SnapKnot allows engaged couples to search for wedding photographers to fit their location, budget and style. Plus the site is easy to navigate, and completely free to use to search and contact wedding photographers. You also have the option to find photographers who are willing to travel.

So, how is this site different than other directories?
SnapKnot is a photocentric site, which gives couples the opportunity to get an idea of a photographer’s particular style and ability before spending time and effort going to each photographer’s website, getting pricing details, etc.

If you haven’t taken the time to browse the site, give it a try. The easy search options, and clutter-free site make it a must-use in your planning process.

**SnapKnot did not pay for this feature.**

How can you not love the bold look of a black-shoed bride? Love.

Image courtesy of The Youngrens

First off, I already called purple as being the hot color this year. Secondly, forget the blue suede shoes – it’s all about the purple ones.

Image courtesy of Maloman Photographers via EAD Weddings

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Image courtesy of Megan Thiele Studios

It’s because of images like this that you should have a photo booth. Not only will your guests love you for it, but you’ll have images like this to call your own.

Bit shout out to bobbi + mike for all of these photos. They officially announced their “Unboxed Photobooth” as an option with your wedding package, so check out their recent blog post for more hilarious shots!

Images courtesy of bobbi + mike

Happy Monday!

Image courtesy of The Schultzes

If yesterday’s message wasn’t enough – just remember to laugh and smile.  Happy Friday!

Image courtesy of Jenna Walker Photographers

And, generic cialis 5mg please let your photographer capture moments like this.  Weddings are not about posed photos, but about the emotion, the fun, the love.

Image courtesy of Simply Bloom Photography

And, in case you’re wondering (although I’m sure you’re not), the bride and groom in this photo are from Kennett, Missouri.  You know, the same town that Sheryl Crow is from.

Heidi over at idieh|design has so willingly offered to share with me a great piece from her stationary design. While all of her work is fantastic (and it truly is – check out her portfolio), this save the date happens to be one of my favorites. Probably because it’s a tad bit nautical, and I love pretty much anything nautical (i.e. knots and anchors).

Images courtesy of idieh|design

idieh|design has a great selection of pre-made work, and is definitely willing to work with you to make a custom piece. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect Save the Date or Wedding Invite, send them a note!