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Now, do not tell me that you have no idea how to present your napkins on your reception tables.  Well, because, there are a million ways to tie a napkin, and you can always count on Martha Stewart or Google to give you an answers.

Two of my favorites? The simple tri-fold napking on the plate, and the bow.  Both are very chic and simple options, and easily customizable with colors and napkin styles.

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings via Southern Weddings Magazine


  1. Such great ways to dress up the table setting! Love the first one – so chic!

  2. i’ve seen the green one before – i liked how the rest of the table is interlocking ribbons. i thought about trying to incorporate that in my wedding but couldn’t find a way to make it work.

  3. OK, so, KINDA really digging the napkin that looks like a bow! So many times you see it exactly like that, but with the napkin facing up and down instead. LOVE it.

  4. I’m dying over that yellow napkin. DYING.