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For those of us in the Midwest, it’s cold. Like really cold.  It doesn’t help that we keep getting snow (although, I cannot complain, as the East Coast has gotten about 10 times more snow than us). BUT, my point is that we are all dreaming of warmer weather (and if you’re not, you’re crazy, but I still love you as a reader).  Stephanie Williams recently featured an engagement session with lots of golden light (in the obviously warm weather), bamboo and a gorgeous couple.


So, for all reasons, I’m jealous.  I love bamboo and the warm golden sun.  And, who cannot resist an adorable couple?

And, I know this is photo #2 from Stephanie Williams – she’s just a really good photog!


  1. Cold here in NY too but your post warmed my heart. Love bamboo too – it’s lucky!

  2. This is gorgeous, so much so it almost looks unreal! Love!

  3. I would kill for a photo like that. So lovely