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I love the use of props during an engagement shoot – even if they are little pieces of paper cut out in the shape of hearts.

Image courtesy of k. holly photography

How is that not the sweetest thing?

Image courtesy of Tim Tab Studios

Go ahead, call me crazy on this one, but I have always loved colored wedding gowns (See: Colored Wedding Gowns).

When Jose Villa posted these pictures from a recent shoot he collaborated with Once Wed and other amazing vendors on, I had some serious big puffy heart love going on. While most of you (well, I’m assuming most of you) think this is pretty “dark,” I find the gown quite romantic and chic.

Images courtesy of Jose Villa via Once Wed

Any brides out there having a backyard or outdoor soiree? Well, not that I have your attention, let me tell you something: You need to do this. Right now.  How romantic is the set-up with the tree? Not only will it give off a great radiant and romantic light, but there is something so charming about it.

Image courtesy of i am blessed

Now, you know that if you received one of these in the mail, you’d be in heaven (unless, of course, you’re not a fan of lavender).  But, this is a great touch, one that is small, but memorable.

Are you including anything in with your invitations? Feather, herbs, etc.? Share your ideas below!

Image courtesy of Follow Studio via Once Wed

We can thank Mr. Christian Louboutin for these beauties!



Images courtesy of kellie kano photography via southern weddings

Now, do not tell me that you have no idea how to present your napkins on your reception tables.  Well, because, there are a million ways to tie a napkin, and you can always count on Martha Stewart or Google to give you an answers.

Two of my favorites? The simple tri-fold napking on the plate, and the bow.  Both are very chic and simple options, and easily customizable with colors and napkin styles.

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings via Southern Weddings Magazine

I think it’s great when a bride can really find a unique piece to wear on her wedding, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes or a head piece.

And, for this particular bride, Fiona, she found a gorgeous headpiece to wear for her small, London wedding.

Image courtesy of Polly Alexandre via Snippet & Ink

Headpiece by William Chambers

I’m pretty sure the Midwest has gotten more snow this year than it has in the past several years.  I’d like to think we haven’t had this much snow since I was in middle school, but that was quite some time ago.

Nicole Green recently took out one of her couples for an snow-filled engagement shoot.  If you can’t beat them, join them, right?  Well, I guess in this case, if you can’t beat the snow, why not play in it?!

Image courtesy of the image is found