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Aren’t they gorgeous?  Tell me I am not the only one that loves this flower?


Image courtesy of krissy davis photography

If only you were available in the fall.  But, alas, I have the gorgeous ranuncula to turn to.

What flower makes you totally swoon?


  1. oh me! me! They’re in my bouquet!!!!

  2. love it! those fillers are cool too…

  3. LOVE peonies…I plan to have them in my bouquet!

  4. Ranuncula is an excellent alternative. And someone down the street from me grows peonies and it’s difficult to restrain myself from stealing them when they’re in bloom!

  5. I’m totally a peony girl. Love them. I had white peonies as my bouquet and I thought they were so lovely.

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  7. I love magnolias. When we buy I house I am going to plant a tree in our backyard. Can’t wait.

  8. I am IN LOVE with peonies! IN LOVE! So much so that I considered braving 100 degrees temps just to have a spring/summer wedding.

  9. I TOTALLY wanted them but my florist said it was going to be to hot or them. I’m still sad about it. Ah ha

  10. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower…but not one single peony made an appearance at the wedding. My florist said it was too late {June} for them. sigh.

    I did have ranunculus but they were really small.

    I also really love white anemones. Those were also small. boy I lucked out in my fav flower department!

  11. by far one of my favorite bouquets!

  12. I love peonies too! That is a beautiful white peony wedding bouquet in the photo.