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I heart shoes.  No, I big puffy heart shoes.  I seriously made the Pilot spend nearly an hour in Aldo the other day on my mission to find a perfect pair of black platform pumps.  Of course, I couldn’t decide on one, so I left the store empty-handed (sad trombone, I know).

I came home on Sunday, browsing through my Google Reader, and stumbled upon these beauties. Those are the perfect black pumps.  And, I have a serious thing for ruffles (see: engagement photos).  Best part about this photo (other than the fact that those shoes are gorgeous, and that dog is adorable), is that I happen to know that bride-to-be (a sorority sister from college).  Which means I can find out who the designer is. Score.


Image courtesy of Under Grace Photo


  1. Gorgeous shoes!


    I was a dg in college tooo!!!

  3. I love that dog and the shoes. I want to know about both.

  4. Fab shoes! When you find out, let me know where these are from!

  5. tiffany
    12:28 pm on January 27th, 2010

    Bride-to-be in the photo above reporting for duty to share info on the shoes! So I was in Vegas last August and I wasn’t happy with the shoes I brought along (Oh, I was happy, with the two pairs of L.A.M.B shoes and my Stuart Weitzmans, but not happy with the lack of assortment of black..) so I went across the street to (wait for it, you’re going to love me…) BAKERS and picked up those frilly beauties for $100. Maybe $89. Something like that. Walked in, saw them, grabbed them, wore them all that night out with my girlfriends. Received many compliments. Received zero blisters. The end 🙂

    And Santino is half shih tzu and half poodle. And fully awesome. 🙂

  6. Killer shoes – and I adore that little dog.

  7. Kara
    2:40 pm on January 28th, 2010

    I just checked their website! They are RICKI black (or red) ruffled platform pumps for $69! Love them, consider them ordered. Thanks, love the blog!!