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It’s still Winter; it’s still pretty cold.  And, although all of our six inches of snow from last week melted away because of our recent “heat wave” (it was 45, don’t worry), I know it’s still a bit colder and snowy-er (yes, technical term) up North.

Zeidler Photography, a St. Paul/Minneapolis photographer, recently blogged an engagement session she shot, with some of the images indoors and others out in the snow.  I couldn’t resist not sharing with you.  Many brides-to-be are none to thrilled to have a winter engagement session, but you can really have some fun with it.  I urge more couples to go the Winter route!

I appreciate that they used an older sled.  There are too many of those plastic ones out there (I know, you can go fast on them, I get it). Something about the vintage-y sled just gives those pictures character.

I LOVE hot chocolate, so of course I think those shots are adorable!

Images courtesy of Zeidler Photography


  1. Gorgeous!

  2. absolutely adorable!!

  3. glad you were able to post this! 😉 My favorite is the hot chocolate and sled shots!

  4. I really like the hot chocolate shots too!

  5. Love the shots with the mugs. So cute!

  6. These are super cute!

  7. Susan
    9:44 am on January 26th, 2010

    Makes me miss winter.

  8. Love the sledding shots