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So, if you haven’t heard, Turquoise is the “it” color for 2010.  While I love turquoise, I love other colors more.  Namely, plum/eggplant.  Jewel tones are gorgeous at ANY time of the year, and this purple can be rocked is something fun and flirty, or long and elegant (I’m talking bridesmaids dresses).

And, if you don’t want to take my word for it, see for yourself.

Image courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography

Or this one, which I’m a huge fan of and plan on purchasing for something.  It’s from Nordstrom, too, which means it’s an easy buy.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom


  1. I need that dress from Nordstrom. I can buy a new dress for someone else’s wedding shower right? 🙂

  2. I almost bought that dress from Nordstrom. it comes in teal, too, right?

  3. Oh I just love the color!

  4. I think it looks great on those bridesmaids

  5. That is my color and I love it!!! Its very different!

  6. ahhh i love that second dress, do you have a link for it?

  7. To die for! I just bought an eggplant dress today. So about that color, I adore it! It looks good on just about everyone…blondes, brunettes, reds…fair skinned, dark skinned…blue eyes, green or brown. It may just be the PERFECT color!

  8. i totally used this color of purple in my wedding!

  9. […] not secret that purple is the color I chose as the “it” color for this year, so of course I love this […]