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An acquaintance of mine from college recently got engaged a few weeks ago, and when I heard the story of her engagement, I sent her a message to find out more details!

I asked her to provide a few details and she gave me permission to use a few of the pictures, and she willingly agreed (which means I get to share with you all!). Here’s the story in her own words!

“He proposed to me on New Year’s Eve, which was the day of our first kiss two years ago. He made me dinner that night and after dinner we were talking about these past two years and he told me he had a gift for me. He had given me a wrapped present which had the Viewmaster inside. As I was flipping through the pictures (which were of us over the past two years), I heard him fumbling with something under the table.

That’s when I knew he was up to something! When I got to the last picture of him with the box, of course I started crying! I put down the Viewmaster and he was on one knee with the ring! He asked me again and obviously I said Yes! I definitely was not expecting anything like that!”

And, in case you’re wondering – this was the very last picture in the Viewmaster:

Just goes to show, guys sure can get creative!

Have a proposal story you would like to share? Send your story to brit at landlockedbride dot com!


  1. Love this proposal story! The viewmaster is the cutest idea ever!

  2. I love this! So creative and fun!

  3. This is such a fun idea! I love it when guys are creative.

  4. cute!!!

  5. This is so ridiculously cute!! What a sweet guy!

  6. I got little goosebumps reading this. SO cute. And I love that she can look at it again.