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If you weren’t already aware, I can be somewhat of a huge eco-friendly nerd.  Not sure where it started, but I do know it has rubbed off on my Mom, and am hoping to share a bit of it with the wedding industry.  Incorporating eco-friendly and green concepts into a wedding may seem hard.  And, to some, it may seem like a fad, but I think it’s easy to incorporate just a few small elements.  And, small they may be, but they can make a difference.

And, the first and one of the easiest? Reuse old vases, do not go out and buy new ones.  In fact, may venues actually have a surplus of vases from previous brides (so ask!).  Other ways to find vases? Visit garage sales, eBay and even Craigslist (I’ve mentioned this before).   Chances are you’ll save a few bucks, too!

Images courtesy of Earth Friendly Weddings

By finding vases from all over and collecting them, not only are you doing the Earth a favor, but you’ll give your event some depth and character in your design.

(And, on a completely unrelated note, Happy Birthday to my Mom!)


  1. We collected vintage vases for our wedding, and we ended up with 50 pieces for $30! Not only environmentally friendly, personal and unique, but cost effective as well!

    I hope your mom has a lovely birthday!

  2. liz
    9:10 am on January 15th, 2010

    LOVE the old bottles with the flowers – very unique, yet still classic.