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The very first dress I added to my favorites list when searching for *the gown* had a dramatic back.  One that, as you walked down the aisle, guests would be surprised (in a nice way).  It’s a great statement to make, especially if you are not afraid to be bold.

This particular dress is not one I tried one, but the back really caught my eye.  It is a gorgeous gown to begin with, but the open back really gives it a touch of sexy.

Image courtesy of studio 3z


via You’re Beautiful

Aren’t they gorgeous?  Tell me I am not the only one that loves this flower?


Image courtesy of krissy davis photography

If only you were available in the fall.  But, alas, I have the gorgeous ranuncula to turn to.

What flower makes you totally swoon?

I heart shoes.  No, I big puffy heart shoes.  I seriously made the Pilot spend nearly an hour in Aldo the other day on my mission to find a perfect pair of black platform pumps.  Of course, I couldn’t decide on one, so I left the store empty-handed (sad trombone, I know).

I came home on Sunday, browsing through my Google Reader, and stumbled upon these beauties. Those are the perfect black pumps.  And, I have a serious thing for ruffles (see: engagement photos).  Best part about this photo (other than the fact that those shoes are gorgeous, and that dog is adorable), is that I happen to know that bride-to-be (a sorority sister from college).  Which means I can find out who the designer is. Score.


Image courtesy of Under Grace Photo

Recently, a local woman was gifted a wedding, and her story seriously touched everyone that heard about.  And, with the success of her wedding, many other wedding professionals in town have reached out to the founder of The Gifted Wedding to express their interest in donating their services to help the next couple in St. Louis.

Image courtesy of The Gifted Wedding

Some background:  The Gifted Wedding is an organization which is dedicated to giving couples who have a terminal illness, disability, or a unique financial situation, the wedding or vow renewal of their dreams.

Let me explain. Anna Jimenez married her husband nearly 15 years ago in a small courthouse ceremony. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as ALS), and had expressed to her friends and family how she wished she could have had a bigger wedding with their family and friends. A friend of hers, and bridesmaid contacted several vendors in the area to see if they would be willing to donate their venues or services. She was amazed with the response that she received. It was then that Dawn Thornton founded The Gifted Wedding.

Image courtesy of Under Grace Photo

I wanted to share this with all of you, so you can begin to spread the word. Spread the word to professionals, and spread the word to family and friends who you feel may benefit from this. They are looking for their next couple. But, they also need support. Support from local vendors and support from anyone and everyone.

Visit The Gifted Wedding website to find out more information and to donate.

For your viewing pleasure.

Image courtesy of ben blood photography

Thank you Christian Louboutin.

It’s still Winter; it’s still pretty cold.  And, although all of our six inches of snow from last week melted away because of our recent “heat wave” (it was 45, don’t worry), I know it’s still a bit colder and snowy-er (yes, technical term) up North.

Zeidler Photography, a St. Paul/Minneapolis photographer, recently blogged an engagement session she shot, with some of the images indoors and others out in the snow.  I couldn’t resist not sharing with you.  Many brides-to-be are none to thrilled to have a winter engagement session, but you can really have some fun with it.  I urge more couples to go the Winter route!

I appreciate that they used an older sled.  There are too many of those plastic ones out there (I know, you can go fast on them, I get it). Something about the vintage-y sled just gives those pictures character.

I LOVE hot chocolate, so of course I think those shots are adorable!

Images courtesy of Zeidler Photography

Image courtesy of k. holly photography

Now that is a wedding exit!

Image courtesy of The Parsons Photographers via Southern Weddings

So, if you haven’t heard, Turquoise is the “it” color for 2010.  While I love turquoise, I love other colors more.  Namely, plum/eggplant.  Jewel tones are gorgeous at ANY time of the year, and this purple can be rocked is something fun and flirty, or long and elegant (I’m talking bridesmaids dresses).

And, if you don’t want to take my word for it, see for yourself.

Image courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography

Or this one, which I’m a huge fan of and plan on purchasing for something.  It’s from Nordstrom, too, which means it’s an easy buy.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom