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Yeah, it happens. Some of us brides get really stressed out, lose sleep and wake up a few days before the wedding (or even on the morning of) sick as a dog.  The worst part?  You probably haven’t even let this thought cross your mind.  Your body is going through quite a bit of stress (good and bad) around your nuptials, making it important to take care of yourself.

So, what are some ways you can prevent this from happening?

Get a Flu Shot
This is the best way to help prevent from getting the flu, especially at this time of the year. So stop by your doctor’s office or local clinic to get vaccinated.

That’s right – get plenty of sleep. When you deprive the body of sleep you put yourself at jeopardy of getting sick because your immune systems becomes weaker.

Vitamin C
Whether you take a multi-vitamin or use Emergen-C, make sure you are getting your recommended daily value of Vitamin C. This water soluble vitamin helps to boost your immune system.

Eat Health
Sure, you have to worry about the linens and flowers and where everyone is sitting, so it’s no surprise you’d rather drive through McDonald’s than spend an hour or so cooking dinner at home. But you’ll do your body a favor by nourishing it with good-for-you food. And, don’t skip meals – it throws your body’s metabolism off balance.

That’s right, I said the “D” word that most of us Type A brides do not want to hear. The more tasks you take on as your wedding nears, the more you stress your body out and make yourself week. So split some tasks up, whether you give some to you fiance, your mom, some bridesmaids or family members. Almost all of them are going to be willing to help, so don’t turn them down.

The last thing I would want to happen to any of you brides-to-be, is that you get sick before the wedding. Take care of yourselves – especially since we are right in the middle of flu season and H1N1 is making its way around town.


  1. 1/3 through wedding planning, I got the shingles! WORST.PAIN.EVER!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been told by women who have had natural child birth and the shingles…they said shingles was worse.

    I blame it on wedding stress, money stress and normal work stress PLUS HUGE WORK DRAMA the week before!

    I recommend sleep, healthy eating and exercise to keep stress down.

    If anyone gets the shingles, GET PAIN MEDS IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE A WEEK-LONG NARCATION (vacation with narcotics)! You will thank me for that advice.

    Everyone in my office was getting sick during the three weeks before my wedding (I work at my church). My DOC had H1N1. It was bad. I took every vitamin (plus airborne) constantly and drank a lot of hot water. I made it through the honeymoon and caught my DH’s cold from the plane ride home. I had his “2-day” cold for two weeks.

  2. OH, I also blame the shingles on FAMILY DRAMA. Who doesn’t have that around the wedding planning process?

  3. So hoping I don’t get sick, for the wedding or the honeymoon!