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The Pilot and I have not yet sent out our invitations or Save the Dates (it’s a little early, folks).  However, I know many of you are getting close to that point.  And, the cost of postage is running through your mind.

It’s the same routine for all of us:

1.  Finish invites and package into envelopes.

2.  Visit local Post Office to have invitation weighed for correct postage.

3.  Purchase postage and cross your fingers it’s enough.

While reading Miss T’s blog, Ninety Nine + Forever, I stumbled upon her recent post about mailing her invitations.  And, boy, did this girl have the BEST. IDEA. EVER.

Go to the post office with ONE of your finished invitations.  Put the amount of postage you think you’ll need (you can have the postmaster weight it to be sure, if you want). Mail the invitation to yourself.  Yes, I really just said that.

A few days later your invitation will show up.

Miss T. was told by the Post Office that all of her local mail would need two stamps.  So, she mailed an invite to herself with one stamp, and it arrived safe and sound without a “Postage Due” note.

Genius idea.


  1. This is genius. I am totally doing this.

  2. Oh, you gave me a shout out. I heart you. Thanks.

    And you should totally do this! It halved out postage bill!

  3. Ooooh! That is so smart!

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