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Who doesn’t love cookies and milk? I do.

A fun idea to feature at your reception is a different kind of buffet.  Lots of couples are featuring candy buffets, which are a huge hit with guests.  It is always great when the couple go for an ‘alternative’ buffet, like this one! Mmm…chocolate chip cookies and milk!

Style Me Pretty

However, this girl would need a much larger glass of milk!


  1. omg we are so doing this. Colin LOVES cookies.

    I shouldn’t just blame Colin. I also love cookies, a LOT.

  2. shotglasses of anything are a yes please. I think I would do ecto cooler.

  3. i seriously want to serve my fave at our wedding: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk (well, lactaid). such a great idea!! let’s see if the ole groomy goes for it

  4. such a cute idea!! especially since i don’t really care for cake and LOVE cookies!

  5. I’ve heard of this! So cute!

  6. SUCH a fabulous detail. Choco chip cookies make for very happy guests I would imagine!