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Hope you were able to find some great gown options in last week’s post!

This week, I’m featuring The Cotton Bride by Chis Cole. The second I found these gowns during my gown search, I had to find a shop in town that carried them.  I was in love with the idea of wearing a simple, cotton gown.  If you have never heard of Chris Cole’s “The Cotton Bride” line, trust me when I say that you’ll be shocked that these gowns are made of cotton.

This first one was one of the first one’s that I had my eye on, but the shop in town did not have it in their samples. Sigh. I love the detail on the bodice and the pleats.

The Cotton Bride via Brides.com

Here’s a close up of the bodice for ya!

The Cotton Bride via Brides.com

I’m not a huge lace fan, but the fact that the skirt and bodice of this gown has a cotton lace overlay blows my mind.

The Cotton Bride via Brides.com

And, again, a close up for you.

The Cotton Bride via Brides.com

For more beautiful designs, be sure to check out The Cotton Bride website.  Plus, I did some research on the prices for these gowns, and they appear to be in the lower end (under $3,000).

And, as a side note.  I tried to do a little bit more research on whether Chris Cole uses treated cotton or organic cotton and was not able to find out much information.  But I must say that a treated cotton is much better than using a polyester or other processed materials.  Their site does claim to use natural materials, which is one step closer than using a non-natural material!


  1. I love the airy material on that second one!

  2. They are gorgeous! xoxo


  3. Gorgeous dresses – i love the second one!

  4. The second dress is delicious!