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This tip has to do with making time.  Making time to see your new husband/wife!

On your wedding day, time goes quickly and before you know it, the day will be over.

Make sure you set aside time, whether it is for 30 minutes or an hour to spend time with just your husband/wife. Alone.  You can do this before the ceremony (especially if you are doing a “first look”) or between the ceremony and reception.  You will obviously be spending a week in paradise with him/her, but it is important that you two really soak in your wedding day together.

Rothwell Photography via OneWed


  1. oh how true, what a great tip. most of my girl friends told me their wedding day was like a blur.

  2. landlockedbride
    6:51 pm on October 13th, 2009

    @Savvy Gal It’s definitely important for the two of you really see each other that day, without anyone else (maybe your photog).