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This garter, as featured on the Pretty Bride blog, is a fantastic family heirloom, with a lot of history.

Pretty Bride

It was made for her mother’s wedding 32 years ago, and has pieces from several family members’ wedding dresses on it.  After each bride wore the garter, they added a piece to it from their wedding dress and then passed it along to another lady in the family.  All-in-all, twelve brides have worn that garter at their wedding.  To me, that is so much more meaningful than, say, wearing your mom’s wedding dress (but kudos to you brides to do).

It makes a great “something old” and a “something borrowed” since you’d be passing it along after your wedding.  You could even add a touch of blue to make it a “something blue.”

I think I am going to start this tradition after my wedding.  We aren’t doing a garter toss, but I will wear a garter purely for this purpose.

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  1. We are not doing a garter toss and I am not wearing a garter, but I love the idea of this tradition…maybe I will convince my kids to do it 🙂