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Probably not the post you’re expecting.

I have a strong affinity towards cakes that have different sized layers.  And I’m not talking about your normal 10 inch round and eight inch round, I’m talking height.

Having your wedding cake made like the one below is a great way to add height to your cake if you are having a smaller one made.  You just need to ask your baker to make smaller rounds (say six and 8 inches) and stack them taller.

Sweet and Saucy Shop via Weddingbee Pro

Sweet and Saucy Shop via Weddingbee Pro

Plus, having the layers be different heights really adds great visual interest and sets your cake apart from a traditional wedding cake (if you’re going for that look).

And, as a side note, wedding cakes with color is another great way to add visual interest at your reception!


  1. oooh i super puffy heart that! I wish that was my dinner tonight.

  2. I could not agree more. I have no idea who first thought of this design but I do love it so!