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Your vendors get hungry, too!

I had a friend of mine bring up this point recently.  She wanted to know if she should feed her photographer.  My response?? ABSOLUTELY.

You hired this person to spend all day with you and capture your wedding story, trust me when I tell you they will get hungry (heck, I’m hungry while typing this).

But, it’s not just your photographer you should worry about. You should also feed your wedding planner/day of coordinator, videographer, DJ and any other vendor that is spending a great deal of time with you on your day.  You don’t have to give them a full plate of what the rest of your guests get, but at least make sure they have like a sandwich, a side and something to drink.  Many venues offer a “vendor plate” which is different (and usually cheaper) than the main course plate, so they have a chance to re-fuel.  Keep in mind that especially vendors like your photographer and wedding coordinator are there practically all day with you.  You know they’re bound to get hungry, and you need make sure they stay nourished and energized!  It is just good etiquette!

Even Emily Post thinks you should feed your vendors!

If you have any other wedding day questions, let me know!  I’d love to feature your thoughts/questions/insights on the blog.


  1. Well said! After working ten hours or more, I need me some food! Only twice have I not been fed. One was a mix up with the reception hall (not the bride and grooms fault) and the other was at the wedding of my sister in law who thought I’d be too busy working to eat. Go figure.

  2. You would think some people hadn’t ever been on their feet for a whole day, sheesh 😉

  3. Oh lord! I can’t imagine not feeding them. Essentially that is saying, “Please come to my party and take care of me and be at my beck & call but I am not going to do anything for you!” That would be terrible!