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April Foster recently featured this post from the Image is Found.  The bride and groom held a “Worst Dance” contest at their reception and gave $100 to the worst dancer.

All images courtesy of The Image is Found

Is that not a wonderful way to get your crowd up and on the dance floor?  I’m a huge dancer, and fully expect everyone to be dancing their boot-ays off at my wedding.  So, you better bet that if the crowd isn’t moving, that we’ll introduce something like this.


  1. My friends LOVE to dance, but I love this idea anyway!

  2. landlockedbride
    10:26 pm on September 22nd, 2009

    My friends LOVE to dance, too. I was thinking of doing this in lieu of the garter/bouquet toss, ‘cuz we aren’t doing it.

  3. Amanda
    12:03 am on September 23rd, 2009

    Love this idea!

  4. Thanks for the mention!