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Although I’m not having a backyard/outdoor wedding, there is something romantically charming about an intimate outdoor wedding. When it comes to floral arrangements, I think wildflowers are to go with these types of weddings. It really plays off of the outdoors-y feel, and gives it a rustic (but romantic) feel!

I think these floral arrangements would be great as centerpieces, if combined with other arrangements. They would also look great around the backyard as part of the decor somewhere (cake table, bar, etc.). The best part? These are so DIY! You can pick up baby’s breath or even wildflowers at a local market for a decent price. The jars? You can find on eBay, Etsy or garage/yard sales. The colored jars are a great accent, too!

Heart of Light

Heart of Light

Thanks to Rachel at Heart of Light for her DIY flower arrangements!


  1. That are so unique!

  2. I love Heart of Light – everything she does is so cute!

  3. landlockedbride
    4:12 pm on September 8th, 2009

    I loved these little DIY crafts. So simple, but pretty, too!

  4. loving that baby’s breath! 🙂

  5. Love these. I recently saw someone who put baby’s breath “bombs” on their high tables at a cocktail hour.

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  7. Tracy
    7:07 am on September 12th, 2010

    I’m going for something similar for my centerpieces: 6.5″ blue apothecary bottles with a single white hydrangea stem in each. Plus 3 or 4 frosted-glass votive holders & candles per table. It certainly won’t be the most exotic tablescape, but it will do the trick for a backyard cookout on Nantucket!

    For 12 tables, I’m looking at spending around $150, shipping included.

    Hydrangeas, $60 for 26 stems at BJs, shipping included: http://shop.bjs.com/White-Hydrangeas–26-Stems-Bulk-Flowers_stcVVproductId86780037VVcatId550987VVviewprod.htm

    Blue Boston round bottles, 6.6″ height, $27 for 12. http://www.freundcontainer.com/category.asp?c2c=ln&c=22&Glass-Bottles&bhcd2=1284292154

    Tealight holders, $5.50 for 12: http://www.candles4less.com/candleholders/Tealight-Holders/round-tealight-holders

    Tealight Candles, $15 for 50: http://www.candles4less.com/candles/Tealight-Candles/500-Tealights-In-Clear-Cups

    OR, for the candles, I might go with these shell candles from Etsy, $6 for 5:

    I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a way to improve this plan!