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Hello blue sky!

Bobbi and Mike

It is definitely images like this one that make me very excited that I am getting married in the Fall (and having my e-pics done in the Fall).

SjMacky Photography

The colors and the light are just gorgeous.

So in love with these engagement pictures.  They just tell a different story that some of the more traditional photos.

I love the laughing photo like whoa.  Such a fantastic representation of the dynamic of this couple’s relationship. Beautiful!

Anna Kuperberg Photography via So You’re Engayged

Anna Kuperberg Photography via So You’re Engayged

I love when a photographer is able to capture moments like these.

Ever wondered what your wedding colors say about you?  Well, Paper Source wants you to know!

Paper Source via I Am Blessed

I found this lovely little quote from the fantastic calligrapher Jessica’s blog (thanks to a lovely little card she gave her husband), and just had to feature it.

“All the stars in the sky and all the shells on the shore…if you counted them up, I’d still love you more.”

In love with this color combo.  But really, I love the look of teal with oranges and reds.  So refreshing.

Inspiring Brides

As much as I love a cute escort card table, I also love the idea of a seating chart for your wedding guests, like this one featured recently on 100 Layer Cake.

100 Layer Cake

There have been a lot of creative ideas featured recently on a lot of wedding blogs out there, with different variations.  This particular one would probably work best with a smaller guest list, so not everyone was crowding around it.  BUT, I guess at that point it doesn’t matter, seeing as you would have guests crowding around a table to find their name on a card.

Anyhoo, I think this is a fun and alternative way to show your guests where they will be seated, and this way you don’t have to print out a ton of little table-tended cards!

How will you be seating your guests?  Or can your guests choose their table?

When scouring the web for engagement shoot ideas, I found almost all of my favorites in an urban setting.

BUT, today I found another great idea for an engagement session spot.  Your home.

Bobbi and Mike

I love the idea of shooting in your house, your home. It shows an intimate side of your relationship, the true value of it. Of course, this would really only be applicable if you two live together. Nonetheless, it’s a great spot and it’s an alternative to your traditional shoot spots!

While the FI and I have a pretty minimal flower budget, mostly because neither of us really want a ton of flowers at our wedding, but can you believe this?

Mindy Weiss via Southern Weddings Magazine

I cannot even imagine how much money this couple spent on flowers for their wedding!  It’s like being in an indoor garden or a flower wonderland! Insane!  I bet it smelled wonderful in there!

Your vendors get hungry, too!

I had a friend of mine bring up this point recently.  She wanted to know if she should feed her photographer.  My response?? ABSOLUTELY.

You hired this person to spend all day with you and capture your wedding story, trust me when I tell you they will get hungry (heck, I’m hungry while typing this).

But, it’s not just your photographer you should worry about. You should also feed your wedding planner/day of coordinator, videographer, DJ and any other vendor that is spending a great deal of time with you on your day.  You don’t have to give them a full plate of what the rest of your guests get, but at least make sure they have like a sandwich, a side and something to drink.  Many venues offer a “vendor plate” which is different (and usually cheaper) than the main course plate, so they have a chance to re-fuel.  Keep in mind that especially vendors like your photographer and wedding coordinator are there practically all day with you.  You know they’re bound to get hungry, and you need make sure they stay nourished and energized!  It is just good etiquette!

Even Emily Post thinks you should feed your vendors!

If you have any other wedding day questions, let me know!  I’d love to feature your thoughts/questions/insights on the blog.