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Who doesn’t love a little creativity?

If you’re looking for a creative way to incorporate menus into your place settings, try this idea.


The menu card is wrapped around the napkin, with the silverware tucked into the “pocket.”  It’s a cute idea, and definitely fits well with that striped feel the bride and groom were looking for.

There are so many unique ways to place the menu at the tables, from putting one at each place setting to using a chalkboard on each table.

Rowan’s Room

The chalkboard is great for school-themed or outdoor wedding.  It has great lines and pulls in a bit of nostalgia.

We have yet to decide what we plan on doing about menu cards, but we have a few ideas (which we will gladly share, once we actually get around to crafting them).

Are you going to use menus on your tables or another idea to display what’s for dinner?


  1. We haven’t decided what we want to do for this yet either. I love the Rowan’s Room image!

  2. Susan
    4:22 pm on August 26th, 2009

    I especially like the menu around the napkins. Reception tables can get crowded and that’s a nice way to condense the items.