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It doesn’t matter your shape or size, every bride worries about what she is going to look like on her wedding day.  And I’m not just talking dress, accessories or shoes, I’m talking body image.

Seems that the popular hit among brides is, of course, a bridal boot camp of sorts, which many local health clubs offer as a class.  The discussion boards are roaring with kudos to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, girls are raving over yoga and pilates, and others are swearing by their marathon of daily runs.


I prefer a more low key option with my morning yoga routines and occasional run. I do own Jillian’s 30DS, which is a nice change of pace every so often. I’m not really trying to drop any LBS, as I am in pretty good shape. I am just trying to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

What is your bridal boot camp regimen? Did you kick it into high gear after you got engaged or were you already a work-out junkie?

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  1. I have the 30DS as well that I had started doing right before I got engaged to get into shape. I certainly want to tone up, but am not looking to lose a ton of weight. Like most brides, I just want to look my best for those pictures 🙂

    With the foot being in a walking cast, I have gone back to my old standby of pilates (on video this time so I can skip the parts that I can’t do with my foot) because when I get out of the habit of working out that’s when I have so much trouble starting back up with it again!

    Sorry for the monster comment.