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Hi, my name is Brit and I have quite the obsession with envelope liners.

My love of liners started when I stumbled upon these by Miss Joey on Weddingbee (which I featured in my Color Crisis post). I loved the way they played with the color by having muted dots with the occasional colorful wedding bell (we would replace with a colored circle in our case).


To make matters worse, I found these, which have an entire array of different options.


As you already know, the FI and I have decided to go with a theme of circles for the wedding (not polka dots). It all stemmed from the invitation suite and the paper goods I designed. So I cannot help but love all of the above envelope liners.

Before I even purchased the Cricut, I had contemplated making envelope liners. This process involved purchasing a template like the one available from Paper Source, choosing a paper design we liked (or making one ourselves) and then hand-cutting every single envelope liner. Now, I have to discuss our guest list, but it isn’t tiny (I have a large family). The idea of hand-cutting that many liners and then glueing/taping them into each envelope, made me ill.  And, the thought alone made my hand cramp.

Then, the Cricut came along and made the problem better. It will so beautifully cut out the liners for us, which saves us a tremendous amount of time. We will still have to fasten them into each envelope ourselves, but I can handle that.

My reasoning behind wanting envelope liners is the little surprise our guests will see once they open the envelopes. Our invitation suite is already bold and colorful, but I think adding a different pop of color in the envelope will add more fun. I’m sure we will have a few (maybe a lot of) guests that could care less, and I am okay with that. It is important to the both of us that the wedding be a reflection of our individual selves and our relationship. So, if that means I spend a little extra time crafting a small detail, I’m okay with that.


  1. This has nothing to do with circles, but in the last Martha Stewart weddings (the one with the rings all over the cover) she mentions using lace as an envelope liner.

  2. Oh I just found your blog and I could not agree more!

    I am always sad when a letter arrives without such joy!

  3. landlockedbride
    3:49 pm on August 5th, 2009

    Oo! Thanks for visiting and hope you visit often!

    And, I think envelope liners are a great surprise!

  4. landlockedbride
    3:49 pm on August 5th, 2009

    I saw those liners and loved how elegant they were!

  5. Susan
    2:30 pm on August 6th, 2009

    Envelope liners always make me want to save the envelope as much as the card. Nice choice of detail.